To Sell or To Donate. That Is The Question. The Answer is A Clothing Swap

After deciding to purge my closet using the wardrobe capsule as my goal, the inevitable question arises….. What to do with the clothes. Since buying new clothes in Misawa is like trying to get a $50, 42″ flat screen on Black Friday, the idea of selling them sounds appealing.

But here’s the reality. Facebook has finally made it simple to sell an item with its new platform for Misawa Yard Sale, Web Sale, No Rules Sale and the other 5000 other selling groups on this base. It now takes less than 30 seconds to post an item. That’s great and awesome, until you have to deal with the various array of ding dongs wanting to purchase said item. There are 4 distinct pain in the ass buyers.

  1.  The No Show – She says she will be there at 10am and you wait for 3 hours. You message her and then says, never mind, she didn’t really want it anyway. 
  2. The Cheapsake – she immediately is the first of 10 people who want the item then asks if you will take $1 for your $10 pair of jeans.
  3. The Bait and Switcher – now that the yen rate is 120¥ to the dollar, the buyer will show up with 2000¥ for that $20 item and say all they have is yen. There by, only paying $16 for that $20 item. My question is do you think that we can’t do math?
  4. The Gotta Have It – she’s the one who instantly replies to a high interest item like an ac unit  and after messaging 4 times with no reply, she finally messages after 3 days and say doesn’t want it.  This now has killed any interest from the next 20 interested parties and wasted a week of selling time.


Sooooooo, instead of going through that 4 kinds of hell, I’m organizing a CLOTHING SWAP

Basically, you gather 10-20 of your friends and have them bring their clean, gently used clothing , shoes, purses, and accessories. Everyone  gets one chip for each item they bring. After all the clothes are organized everyone draws a number to see which order they get to pick an item.  Then picking starts. I think 3 rounds of 1 item each, then after every round add an item. So 1, 1, 1, 2, 3 etc till all of your chips are gone or everyone is done shopping.

This seems to be the best and easiest way to run the swap. I researched a few where it was a free for all of picking. Not the best idea. In normal American society in the states, there would be sideways glances or talking behind the back of the women all trying to get a designer handbag. Here, there most probably would be hair pulling, nail scratching, and all out punching from us country girls. So the chip system it is. 

Of course, in Misawa you can’t have a party without it being a potluck. One appetizer or dessert is always appreciated and drinks are BYOB. I’ll be bringing wine and my infamously strong Kahula pudding shots (which will be tamped down for the non-lushes of the group). Designated Drivers aka sober husband, will be happy to drive. Especially, if they know their wife will be tipsy and they most likely will get lucky later.  

Whatever isn’t taken at the end of the night goes to the thrift store. We all get to shop for “new” clothes for just the cost of some booze and an appetizer. Sounds like a win win to me. 

My first swap will be for us fluffy, plus sized ladies since we truly have the hardest time finding clothes. Also, for those that are doing the wardrobe capsule, if you bring items home, some things need to go out. 

Here are my words of wisdom that I used to say all the time. I forgot them for a bit, but it’s all starting to come back to me. Keep life simple and make it fun. Life is too short to be miserable. 😉

Comment down below. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions. 


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