How To Say No To Yoga Pants? Wardrobe Capsules!!!

Adventures Of A Disorganized Neat Freak

This is a lonnnnnng post so settle in, grab a glass of wine and prepare to be entertained and amused, possibly amazed. If this gives you even a drop of hope to change the rut you are in, both emotionally and clothing-wise, I will be estactic. So, here we go.

Life is about change. School, jobs, marriage, moving, birth, death, it is a constant flux. One day, you wake up in the morning, put on your favorite tailored White House Black Market suit, silk blouse, oh so sexy, Italian black stiletto heels, get dolled up with makeup and hair, and off to work you go.


The next thing you know you are married to a military man (how the hell did that happen?). 

You now wake up in breastmilk-stained, spit-up covered pajamas and are exhausted from feeding the baby  every 2 hours. It literally takes you a good…

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